Pro Tips to Pack Bedding & Linens When Moving

Nothing can be more disappointing than finding your favourite blanket dirty as you unpack your stuff at your new home.

When moving house, packing your bedding, pillows and linens is not a hard task as these are lightweight, unbreakable and some of the last items to pack.

However, while juggling between multiple tasks, one may not worry much about all this stuff.

The best solution is to hire a professional moving company to streamline the whole process and save your time and energy. Visit this website to seek help.

Read this blog to know more tips to pack your bedding and other soft stuff hassle-free.

1.    Get packing material

To ensure your bedding and linen remain clean and safe throughout the relocation process, gather the following packing material:

  • Large cardboard boxes for packing lighter and bulky items like blankets, bed sheets, duvet, etc.

  • Packing paper to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Plastic bags are best to protect your lines from getting wet or dusty.
  • Packing tape to firmly secure the packaging and seal all moving containers.
  • Marker to label all the sides of your boxes.

Hire the best removalists in Perth as they have packing supplies to ensure your items arrive safely and in one piece at your new location.

1.    Carefully fold each item

It may be tempting to toss your linens in a box and smash a label to save some time and effort.

However, this is a wrong practice. They are unbreakable, that doesn’t mean you can pack them carelessly.

It’s recommended to carefully fold each item to keep them wrinkle-and tangle-free and save some space in each box.

2.    Pack first-night essentials separately

There is nothing more frustrating than going through all the boxes just to find a pillow.

It’s advisable to separately pack bedding, blanket, duvet, pillows and towels to survive a few nights comfortably in your new place.

After a long, tiring day of moving, it will be so pleasant to rest and relax on a fresh bed of clean linens.

Packing all the stuff can take a big toll on your physical and mental health. Hire the best moving company to make the whole relocation process easier. Visit request a quote.

3.    Label the boxes

To avoid any confusion, label each box containing bedding or linens with the name of the room you picked them from.

This will help you and your movers to know what’s inside the box and where to keep your containers without unpacking them. Consult the best removalists in adelaide as they have expertise in packing and transporting your stuff without causing any confusion.

Bonus tips

  • Don’t keep heavy boxes on bedding boxes as they may get damaged under weight.
  • Pack bedding and linens towards the end
  • Use pillows to provide adequate cushioning to fragile and breakable items and to fill any space inside boxes.
  • Use towels to wrap sensitive items like wine glasses, frames, etc.

In the end…

Packing your bedding is not hard unless you are following the adequate steps.

However, an excellent way to take the stress out of your move is by hiring top movers and packers in Sydney, who can make your relocation a breeze.


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