How Website Design Companies Charge for Projects In Singapore

Most website design company pricing strategies are never a straightforward calculation. Each project is unique in its challenges and requirements. In many cases, the size of the client and the complexity of the project determine how much the agency charges for their services.

Here, we’re going to look at some common pricing strategies that web design companies in Singapore often use when creating offers for their customers. You can also look for the best website design cost in Singapore via

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Pricing strategy for hourly rates

Hourly project billing is the most transparent pricing strategy, provided the website design company uses appropriate time tracking software. There are a wide variety of software products that companies use for this purpose.

Customers usually feel comfortable with this type of shop. Various activities such as planning, design, coding, testing and implementation are monitored by both the company and the customer. In each phase of the project, the customer knows how many hours have been spent and what costs are involved.

Classification of per-project pricing strategies

This pricing strategy depends on how long it takes to complete the project, the market price, and sometimes the number of pages the client will take.

Basically, charging for the time it takes to complete the project is the same as charging by the hour, with the exception of the hourly rate, which is not included in the price. The difficulty is how companies can intuitively and accurately provide detailed estimates of the time it will take, and if not, they can operate at a loss. He just has experience working with many different clients.