Music and culture in the
Clarence Valley, NSW

past festival programs have featured...

Nocturnal Tapes
Hypnotic tech house, funk basslines, ethereal guitar and echo drenched vocals blended to perfection by two mates with a big local following. Nocturnal Tapes create a vibe that invites you to dance and drift through their electro dreamscape. In musical circles, it's no exaggeration to say these fellas have reached local hero status and we can't wait to be entranced by their biggest gig yet in Yamba.

Grace Barbe

Seychelles islander Grace Barbé is the real deal, a genuinely exotic world music star for the 21st century, with the moves and voice to match. Grace's soulful music reflects and celebrates the diverse cultural influences of her Indian Ocean heritage. In performance, Grace lights up the stage with a vibrant stage presence and her signature Afro-Kreol funk that compels the audience to get up and dance.

Raw funk and groove music is what The Ninth Chapter has been hammering since 2007, showcasing their signature freewheeling live show up and down the East Coast of Australia. While firmly based in the funk genre that inspired the birth of the 7 piece outfit, The Ninth Chapter's sound casts a wide net layering funk, blues and roots elements to create a truly unique live experience.

Declan Kelly
& The Rising Sun
Drawing on Irish and Maori ancestral roots, Declan Kelly and current band mates The Rising Sun bring radiant reggae and dub vibes from Sydney. Having been the drummer for numerous great Australian artists, Kelly has studied the craft of good song writing, recording and the delivery of a rockin' live show. Smiles all round are guaranteed when these guys grace the festival stage.

Woven Whales

This major community art project was conceived and coordinated by prominent local artist Pamela Denise. The project, funded by the 2016 Country Arts Support Program (CASP), teaches and allows young people to express themselves in weaving on giant looms. The artists are students from Nymboida and Coutts Crossing Public Schools, as well as participants in the Mylife Program in Grafton, a service that supports and empowers people with a disability. Once complete, the looms will be installed on a cliff edge at the festival site for maximum visual impact.

Five musos with a shared passion for neo soul, RnB and jazz assembled in Lismore only recently and have already produced one of the classiest tracks of 2016 in 'The Foe, The Faux'. Beyond this totally addictive musical statement, the mystery surrounding LadySlug will remain intact ... until October 15 in Yamba, NSW...

The April Maze bring a vintage feel to their brand of alt-folk that encompasses dustbowl blues, vengeful hoedowns and pared back swoon songs. Having previously steered their trusty kombi van to perform in nearby Wooloweyah, they return to entertain a strong local following with their huge lust for life, a masterful blend of cello, guitar and vocals.

The Whiskey Drop have taken country's low road, hitching up with the likes of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Gram Parsons on a pub crawl from honky-tonk to the 70's alternative scene. The band's love of bluegrass, country rock and a good time has made its mark on a rollicking swag of original songs. So have a swig of the original, the fortifying and forever fresh Whiskey Drop, and soak up the power of this unique testicular tonic.

Microwave Jenny is the alter-ego of husband and wife musical force Tessa & Brendon Boney, who describe their music as Pop/Folk/Love.

After meeting and realising they both shared similar ideas for bringing love and smiles through music, the pair spent a year writing songs for each other's solo projects before deciding to try things as a duo. It was a decision which has seen them winning awards, working on film soundtracks and playing countless festivals.

Spaghetti Circus
Spaghetti Circus is a community based performing youth troupe from Mullumbimby that has earned itself a reputation as one of Australia’s leading youth circuses ~ from its teachings and performances, maintaining all the heart of this very special community.

Flame Squad

Yamba’s own fire twirling queen is an inspiration for young children, teenagers and adults alike, who join her classes to practise and execute a variety of inspiring and breath-taking performances. Once the sun has set on Flinders Park, the Flame Squad Fire Performance Troupe emerges to set your senses alight with dazzling fire twirling, dance and pumping tunes. A truly magical moment that has audiences spellbound.

Uptown Speak-Easy

Uptown Cafe & Bar is the host for our festival 'Speak Easy', showcasing a melting pot of poets and creative writers performing spoken word across a variety of mediums including comedy, drama, erotica, opinion and music. Headlining the evening is award-winning poet David Hallett, joined by local talents Mick Williams, Hayley Talbot and the ever-poignant Violent Crumble. And if you have a short story or poem to share, there’s an open mic slot awaiting you!

Fawlty Dogs

Seasoned local musos, Fawlty Dogs graced last year’s festival stage with their sophisticated jazz soul rock and deep toned vocals that make for a vibe reminiscent of Tom Waits. Refreshingly original, never limited to a particular genre and encompassing chilled out lyrical ballads with jazz, latin and funk influences, there’s something for both the party crowd and the true music heads.

In a world of fast food, instant fame and fashionable gimmicks, Ben Jenkins offers a breath of fresh air. Soulful vocals interwoven with stories you can hold on to. With a sound that can only be described as a melting pot of influences, Ben fuses elements of folk, jazz and blues to create his own captivating and unique sound. With the help of his band, Ben delivers songs that are familiar yet refreshingly new. Songs that resonate long after the fire has gone out.

Coldstream Buskers
Filling the streets with music is a given at Surfing The Coldstream Festival and on the Saturday morning, cafe dwellers will be treated to the best in local talent, including winners of our Under 18 Music Competition, in which standards were sky high! Enjoy the music and tip generously!

Local musos Psychedelic Goldfish are already well known on the Lower Clarence live scene for their high-octane renditions of Aus rock classics. But scratch beneath the surface and you reveal a talented assembly of original and refined songwriters. Performing their album Postcards at this year’s festival launch event made for a thrilling and passionate live music experience that breathed new life into these seldom heard songs. Featuring the many local musicians involved in the writing and recording process, the band deliver hot-blooded rock songs and acoustic pop rock ballads, exceptional musical arrangements and deftly executed solos.

The Azure Sea

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Lower Clarence trio The Azure Sea can’t help themselves. Embracing the challenges of creating new music with the vigour of teenagers is their recipe of vitality. Guitarist Ulo and drummer Nonn are joined by NZ Music Hall of Fame bassist Willie Hona to present songs about the human condition, often with a story involved, incorporating musical influences that span generations.

Game of Stones

Game of Stones is an exhibition by artist Dr John H. Jackson (aka the Rock Doctor) that challenges perceptions of and initiates new connections with the earth beneath our feet. The Rock Doctor’s art prompts conversations around how decisions about our resources are made today and how they impact on the world of tomorrow, on food, water and energy.

The Moonshiners

Some say this band consists of the offspring of AC/DC and The Pogues; others say they got their name after their first gig at a local homebrew festival. Though their origins may be shrouded in mystery and their gift of a good jam reputedly more influential on local musicians than a bottle of whiskey, the one thing everyone knows for sure when they hear The Moonshiners play, is that they want more and more!

Sahara Beck
A product of the Sunshine Coast, this prodigious performer's music is described as drawing from country, old rock'n'roll, rockabilly and soul all channelled into a righteous hot-headed face-slap of a situation. This lady has style and she's gonna knock you out!

Teddy Lewis King
Yes yes y'all we have the most eloquent, diligent, fluent rhymesayers in the form of Teddy Lewis King, a three piece Hip Hop act hailing from Lismore in the lands of the Bundjalung Nation, NSW. With smashing beats and a combination of witty and fun rhymes, their classic soul laced beats combine brilliantly with their captivating energetic delivery.

As mischievous as she is charming, Fremantle’s Mama Kin is part raconteur and all-out entertainer. An accomplished keyboardist and a master of the ukulele with powerhouse vocals, Mama Kin and her accomplished band fill the air with warmth, music and all round good vibes. We look forward to becoming blissfully lost in the spiritual journey created by this year’s headline artist.

Sex on Toast
The Melbourne-based shimmer suited Sex on Toast specialize in early 80’s funk, hard-edged new jack swing and blazing improvisation. Their choreographed stage act and tongue-in-cheek larrikinism bring fresh meaning to the notion of "gettin' your funk on", making for a sensational dance-inducing live performance.

Grace Hickey
& The Honeymakers
The sense of space and freedom evoked by our coastal lifestyle here in Yamba, is conveyed through seductive harmonies by local sirens Grace Hickey & The Honeymakers. Soulful and authentic, homegrown music at it's best.

With their unpredictable on-stage banter, exquisite sibling harmonies, irresistible pop melodies & songs that are akin to your favourite stories put to music, The Little Stevies have built an exceptional reputation as a must see live act all across Australia, drawing keen, loyal, Little Stevie-loving fans wherever they go.

Joe Terror
Joe Terror is a guitarist and singer from Grafton NSW whose music has been forged in true garage band style over several hot Clarence Valley summers. Joe's four piece line up delivers explosive and emotional soul rock that takes in flavoursome American influences among the likes of Jeff Buckley and Jack White.

Australian gypsy-ska rockers, Caravăna Sun have long been praised for the raw energy and emotion of their live shows. Let loose with these boys from Cronulla as they round off our festival with an infectious set of smooth, soulful tunes and big bouncing gypsy-ska grooves - Caravăna Sun are massive crowd-pleasers.

The Mid-North's sound is a melding of old-time mountain music and bluegrass, featuring banjo, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, guitar and four-part harmonies. Their live-shows are riotous excursions into the dance music of the past, the joy/sorrow of the human condition and all-in sing-a-longs. Add a touch of jug band and a bit of folk and you get a spirited sound that will have you tapping your feet or looking for a partner to dance with - the best way to describe it is "infectious!"

Barefoot and lucid. Cups of tea before dawn. This is the inner world of TigerLilly, a contemporary folk-pop story telling duo from the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Guitarist Lydia Fairhall tells stories of her heart and her people, through an enchanting set of her most accomplished and refined songs. Joining Lydia is veteran keys player and vocalist Kali Blunt, a tiny force of intelligence and exceptional musicality taken out on a hammond organ and poignant harmonies.

The Mouldy Lovers are a 7-piece concoction of ska, folk, punk and dub, just brimming like an overflowing pot of delicious bombastic laksa, pouring joy on festival crowds around Australia. Forged on the musical melting pot streets of Brisbane’s West End, this is the type of band whose audience can’t help but flail their bodies around merrily, leaving any sense of pretension at the door.

Us Mob
Us Mob dance troupe is a traditional Aboriginal dance group located in beautiful Bundjalung country on the mighty Clarence River. Us Mob share culture and good vibes through dance characterised by their boundless energy and graceful physicality.

Coldstream Short
Film Festival

Enjoy an international selection of short films created by film-makers telling stories reflecting the quality and rich diversity of life for locals, wherever that locality may be on the planet! The submissions process attracted an amazing 106 entries from 37 countries! The quality is extremely high and the audience will have the final say on choosing the winner of this year’s film festival laurels.

G'day Africa Drumming

G'day Africa drum workshops are designed to capture and motivate participants to undertake left and right brain development training through energetic African tribal drumming, singing and dance.

Showcasing the boombastic talents of local primary school children, these drumming sessions make for an energising and powerful experience that will leave participants feeling happy and inspired no matter what age, culture or background.

Chalk To The Animals

Chalk to the Animals is a pavement art competition for people of all ages sponsored by the Caperberry Cafe. The project is inspired by Michelle Green, the artist who free hand drew the works of art on the Caperberry Cafe walls. Drawings will consist of pavement chalk art contained in a single square metre.

Downriver School Choirs

Oodles of inspiration and months of effort culminate in this showcase of the musical talents of Clarence Valley’s primary school students, backed by local musos The Moonshiners. Join in with your hands clapping, feet stomping and sing along to the rollicking Pirate Song chorus at the top of your voice!

Nick and Sam's Facebook page is called "Nick & Sam Shred" and anyone who has seen these two youngsters handle an acoustic guitar can attest to the shear energy and breath-taking pace of their playing. Their captivating blend of rock, flamenco and rhythm amazes audiences and pushes the boundary of how much music can be made from two guitars.

Dom Ferry, Rose Cherry & Peter Popko discovered their common musical bond three years ago at a jam in Wooloweyah and thus Sandy Feat was born. Not wishing to be confined by the “verse-chorus” singer format, their instrumental explorations have delved into and contain such musical genres as world music, jazz, blues, rock, electronic, classical with even touches of trip hop & glam-rock.

Kids' Zone
Scoop up your kids and head over to the Kids' Zone for hours of entertainment. We have a jumping castle, craft stations where the young’uns can get creative, plus a huge tub of Lego® where imaginations can run riot!

Siobhan's dynamic performances feature funky loops of violin, voice and guitar interwoven with soulful melodies and poetic lyrics. Having recently returned from living in Hobart to her native Mid North Coast of NSW, multi-instrumentalist Siobhan's sound blends reggae, soul, folk and world music with songs inspired by a love of nature, people and life experience.